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I went into this with tremendous optimism and excitement...WHAT A LET DOWN!

My issue surrounds the expectations presented during the sales process and the lack of Swapalease to deliver. Below is an excerpt from an email 'pre-sale' from my sales representative. "Before anyone can contact you about your vehicle, all buyers are pre-qualified for credit and have to be a member of our buyers' club which costs them $60 to join. This creates a secure marketplace with motivated, credit worthy buyers who are ready to take over a lease.

This prevents getting solicitation calls and individuals calling you who are not qualified on credit. " The above presents the potential customer with a marketplace of qualified individuals who have invested money into a platform and are actively looking to make a transaction. As a potential customer, this excited me and contributed to my purchasing decision. Furthermore, I was presented with 3 pricing options, each having an 'Average Time to Buyer' which helps to support the additional costs; makes sense if it works.

I chose the platinum option for $700, discounted from $1,000, and did so as a result of the 'qualified marketplace' and the sales material stating an "Average Time to Buyer of 30 days or less". Management recently stated to me they are an "advertising company", then I must ask if there is any truth to their marketing? NO! All of this is compounded by the fact there have been ZERO of these 'pre-qualified members' from their buyers club.

Not a single question asked about the car, no inquires, NOTHING!!! This is after purchasing their top tear package and doing everything suggested of me including a nearly $5,000 incentive! You see, I asked my sales rep how much the average 2015 Cadillac Escalade was on Swalalease, she replied $1,124 is the national average. So, I brought my monthly payment from $1,353.55 to $999.99, a 26% discount from the monthly price and substantially lower than the average.

I believe Swapalease has fraudulently presented a platform of which they have shown ZERO ability to deliver on based off information they presented me in writing. I don't want to be a terrible customer, I want my experience to be recognized and taken care of. At this point, I do not believe in Swapalease's ability to deliver ANY result.

In conversations with management, they have been unwilling to recognize their inability to deliver and are unwilling to make things right.I would NOT recommend using their services and I will never use them again!

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